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If you want to learn how to start, grow or revolutionize your interior design business, this is the place to start. I'll share with you some of my best kept secrets on how I started my business and grew it in just 18 months to a six figure business with very little start up cost. 

Interior Design Dreams Do Come True!

Whether you're just getting started in the field of interior design, or you've been around for decades, this webinar is guaranteed to give you some insight into a different side of interior design you've probably never seen and I look forward to sharing it with you! 

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Who doesn't love a free gift, right!? Well I love giving them as much as I love receiving them so come join me and find out how you and I can make magic together in the interior design world! 

*     Are you dreaming of the day your Interior Design business will be giving you the success you are hungry for?

*     Have you thought about training courses, but thought you couldn’t afford it or they are not specific enough for you?

*     Do you sometimes take on projects where you feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew

*     Do you struggle to maintain the cash-flow in your interior design business and worry about being unable to complete a project to your client’s expectations?

*     Do you wonder where your next clients might come from and worry about the future of your business?

*     Do you want to break into the interior design business but you can’t figure out how?

If any of the above apply, then read on!


Hi! My name is Darcy K and I have been running my own successful interior design business for over six years now, working with homeowners, real estate agents, and businesses, plus celebrity clients, transforming homes, offices and interiors into bespoke, classic, functional and affordable spaces that my clients fall in love with.

I have published my own interior design book, "Instant Dream Home" showcasing beautiful and unique interior designs, taking readers right through the process of cost-effective room re-styling, for residential and large-scale commercial property projects.  I now want to share my knowledge and experience accumulated over a decade with up and coming interior designers who are looking to build a consistent stream of potential clients wanting to update, upgrade, renovate and perhaps sell their homes and properties.

My step by step online course teaches students every aspect of the business, so you can start to build your business faster with proven systems and methods that have helped me build my six figure business. 

You will learn everything involved in the process of property make-overs from that all important initial assessment of a client’s needs, through designing, sourcing materials, fixtures and fittings, planning and implementation, without it crashing your cash-flow. 

Your clients will love creating their dream spaces with you, because you will be able to offer affordable solutions to their spatial challenges and a step by step plan of how you will work with them to give them the home or workplace that can evolve with their growing family or teams.  Knowing the short cuts to save time-wasting and delivering beyond their expectations will mean they will rave about what you have achieved to their friends, neighbors and colleagues, keeping more referrals coming…

We all know that the quality of our life is dictated by the quality of surroundings and more and more homeowners are hungry to make their spaces reflect their lifestyle aspirations. 

Ours is a rapidly-expanding sector and the interior design industry is highly competitive.  My in-depth online interior design course will give you professional insider project management secrets to help you give your growing list of clients what they want without burning up their savings, as well as keeping your all-important cash-flow consistent and your future calendar full of eager clients.

Sign up for my webinar and you'll get the first week of my Instant Dream Home interior design course absolutely FREE (PLUS a ONE-TIME ONLY Special Offer you won't want to miss!) 


People we've worked with

Darcy K has a reputation for fantastic interior design makeovers, managed in unbelievably speedy turnaround time.  One of the most sought-after Interior Designers in San Diego County, she has been offering bespoke interior design services to residential and commercial clients for over a decade. Her portfolio speaks for itself, having transformed spaces for Fortune 500 companies, including PETCO, who operate a nationwide chain of Pooch Hotels.  Her reputation for attention to detail and excellence in every aspect of her work, Darcy has worked with prestigious clients, such as UFC announcer, Bruce Buffer and reality TV Star Kiptyn Locke, amongst others.  Her success is down to how closely she works with her clientele. 


I really listen to my clients so I can connect with them on a personal level. It’s important to fully understand my client’s lifestyle needs and design preferences; or for business owners, the needs of their employees, clients and customers.  With their objectives, concerns and ideas in mind, I then develop a design plan they can easily visualize with a comprehensive 3D plan that expresses their personality, emphasizes their brand and offers flexibility for future changes.”


Darcy has published her own interior design book, "Instant Dream Home" which showcases beautifully her unique interior design process which equally serves everyday homeowners with cost-effective room styling solutions, as much as large-scale commercial property developers.  

Wanting to share her professional success with other up and coming interior designers, Darcy has embraced training new talent in the industry.  Interior Designers attending her workshops and courses are learning how to develop their business successfully for themselves and achieve longevity in an evolving marketplace.  Her Interior Design Coaching program kicked off in 2015, with an emphasis on teaching her systemized approach to generating consistent business online.  She shares her own tactical, proven sales and marketing strategy that offers affordable and profitable Interior Design solutions that today’s Homeowners are hungry for. 



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